• SCOMMAH stands for Scatter in the COncentration- Mass relation and Mass Accretion History. It is a python module that relates the residual in halo concentration, ∆c200 (defined as the difference between halo concentration c200 and the median relation c(M200)), halo formation time, zf (defined as the redshift at which half the present-day halo mass was assembled), last time a halo experienced a major merger event, zlast,major, and the reference density, ρcrit, used in the halo mass definition. The relation is combined with a halo mass history, M(z), model to estimate halo formation times.

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  • COMMAH is a python module that follows the analytic model described in Correa et al. (2015a) to calculate the mass accretion history of a halo of mass $latex M_{0}$ at $latex z=0$ in any given redshift interval (e.g. M(z) between z=0 and 10). Also, COMMAH calculates halo concentrations following the semi-analytic model described in Correa et al. (2015c), and outputs the c−M relation at any given redshift. In addition, it also computes the dark matter accretion rate, the rms of the density field, peak height, and the integral of the NFW density profile, suitable for DM annihilation calculations. COMMAH calculates concentration solving a series of equations by performing a Levenberg-Marquardt method. COMMAH is suitable for any cosmology.

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